Sunlight’s SYSSOREYTIS project: R&D in support of quality and productivity

November 11, 2021


Sunlight is a technology company specialising in integrated and innovative lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and energy storage systems. Sunlight’s strategic plans have a view to the future, pertaining to technologically advanced applications in the production of energy storage solutions and the development of battery management systems (BMS) with the use of Big Data, AI and Machine Learning tools. A technology-agnostic company, Sunlight makes the most of Industry 4.0 principles, offering flexibility, functionality, performance, and quality.

R&D is at the heart of Sunlight’s activities, and extroversion is one of our most significant pursuits. Both these aspects of our operation are reflected in the company’s participation as implementation partner in a wide range of cutting-edge research programs, to which we offer our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and facilities. This platform is dedicated to such projects, and in light of the World Quality Week (8-12/11/2021), Sunlight presents SYSSOREYTIS.



SYSSOREYTIS, which is the Greek word for “battery,” is a project developed in collaboration with CERTH (Centre for Research and Technology). It has a budget of ca. €560,000 and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, via the EPAnEK operational program COMPETITIVENESS-ENTREPRENEURSHIP-INNOVATION. SYSSOREYTIS started in September 2020 and is scheduled to be concluded in March 2023.

The project pertains to improving quality control in the production of lead-acid batteries, manufactured by Sunlight in its Xanthi plant, with the use of new technologies. More specifically, Industry 4.0 applications –such as Machine Learning tools– will be developed, installed, and used to perform quality control tasks, monitor, and optimize production.

The project will be implemented along three innovative workstreams:

  • Automation for the improvement of quality control
  • Production monitoring via a network of “smart” sensors managed by advanced middleware that will collect and store data in real time
  • Machine learning tools that will use the collected data to further advance the sensors and, subsequently, the overall quality control system

The goal of SYSSOREYTIS is to develop and install this network of sensors in Sunlight’s production line of lead-acid batteries to collect and process data and render them available via user interfaces. This, in turn, will optimize production quality, minimize production cost, and support sustainability.

The Sunlight Team

The Sunlight Team working on this project comprises Alexandros Argyropoulos, Dimitris Bollas, Stavros Chatziavramidis, Evagelos Georgiadis, Giorgos Giapoutzis, Aristoklis Karamanidis, Alexandros Krokos, Eleni Leivaditou, Kostas Paspalas, Athanasios Roidos, and Efstratios Thomaidis – led by Project Coordinator, Symeon Parcharidis.

Our mission at Sunlight is to tirelessly pursue knowledge through data and insights, turn those insights into innovation that serves our customers and improves people’s lives. Which is why we are so proud of SYSSOREYTIS, an R&D project that allows us to collect data, use them to maximize the quality of our output, and support us in further incorporating Industry 4.0 principles in our operations.

Because at Sunlight, knowledge is power, and power is knowledge!